Shaun Finnie is an author from England. He specializes in books about the Walt Disney company, quiz books and short stories.

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Shaun  Finnie. Author

Short Stories

At any given time there will be four stories available here. Read them, enjoy them, let me know what you think about them. Let your friends know that they’re here to be read but please don’t steal them.

Each month there will be a new story available. Some will be happy, some unpleasant. Some will make you smile and some may make you ask questions. But hopefully all of them will invoke a reaction from you, the reader.

Neighbours From Hell

We all need a calming, relaxing break sometimes. But what happens when noisy neighbour shatter that calm?

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September 2015

The Charlatan

Don’t believe everything - or even anything - that clairvoyants and mystics tell you. Surely they can’t speak with the dead?

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June 2015

Room 17

We all dream and wish for better places or better times.

You know how they say “be careful what you wish for”?

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May 2015

Five Days

You shouldn’t always wait for things in life. Some things aren’t worth waiting for.

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July 2015