Shaun Finnie is an author from England. He specializes in books about the Walt Disney company, quiz books and short stories.

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Shaun writes Disney novels, Disney non-fiction, Disney quiz books as well as short story collections and quiz books that don’t have a Disney theme. You’ll find details of them all here and should be able to order them via Amazon or get paper copies through bookstores.

The World’s Toughest Disney Quiz Books

The hardest Disney quiz that you’ll ever take. You might not get all that many right but you’ll learn more than you ever thought possible about the Walt Disney Company, it’s films, televisions and theme parks - and much, much more.

The Happiest Workplace On Earth

The first in the ‘Imagineering Unleashed’ series of novels.

Introducing Jack Rothman and his family as they prepare to fulfil a lifelong dream - to live in  Epcot. This thriller’s setting is not the theme park that we know and love but Walt Disney’s unbuilt City and Community of Tomorrow, a place that creates the future, today.

The Rothmans are living the dream, but sometimes dreams don’t quite work out as the dreamer wants them to.

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The Disneylands That Never Were

In the last fifty years the Disney Imagineers have designed thousands of rides, attractions, hotels, and even entire theme parks that have never been built. Many of these concepts have remained hidden in the company’s private archive for decades… until now.

This book documents the biggest, best and most outrageous of these abandoned plans. It details everything from Walt Disney's initial ideas for Mickey Mouse Park to his planned ski resort in California. From small developments like The Disney Hotel in New York's Times Square to the huge Port Disney concept, all brought to life in one 250 page paperback.

Non-Disney Books

As well as the Disney books listed above, you might find the following publications interesting. Two collections of short stories and some more books in the ‘World’s Toughest Quiz Book’ series. Again, all are available to download and (in most cases) in paperback versions.

Tiny Treats

In this paperback you'll find strong female characters facing up to real life issues... and coming through them. The young woman fighting against family pressures for her to diet - The single mum struggling to get her sons to accept her new boyfriend - The waitress trying to build the courage to ask her customer on a date.

They’re all here in ‘Tiny Treats’. These twelve heartwarming short stories are ideal for coffee breaks, short journeys and those times when you just want to grab a moment for yourself and relax with a good read. Ideally sized for slipping into a bag so that you can grab your next Tiny Treat anywhere.

Forks in the Road

Sometimes the road less travelled leads to the greatest delights.

Many stories go exactly as you'd expect them to. But others take an unusual twist, an unexpected fork in the road. These eighteen little tales are guaranteed to surprise you as they head in unforeseen directions.

Branch off the main route. Take one of the smaller Forks in the Road.

The World’s Toughest Hunger Games
Quiz Book

Are you a Hunger Games fan?

You’ve absorbed every detail of The Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay?

You know all about the Districts and their inhabitants, and how the rebellion plans to bring the Capitol down?

Test yourself with The World’s Toughest Hunger Games Quiz Book - And may the odds ever be in your favour.

The World’s Toughest Disney Quiz Book Volume 4

New for 2015. The latest in the popular Disney trivia series. Test yourself further as the questions get even more difficult than ever. Another 1,000 questions on all things Disney.

Download it now from Amazon.

The World’s Toughest The Hobbit Quiz Book

So you think you’re a fan of The Hobbit? You’ve absorbed every detail Bilbo’s adventures? You know all about how he, the wizard Gandalf and a party of dwarves planned to travel ‘there and back again’ in the quest for treasure?.

Try The World’s Toughest The Hobbit Quiz Book and see just how much you really know.