Neighbours From Hell

‘Will they ever go to sleep?’

How could two people argue so loudly and for so long? Jessie didn’t want to spend all their time together listening to the yelling coming through the walls. It was supposed to be the romantic weekend that she had been promising Alex for months. Ever since their relationship had got serious she’d been trying to organise a few nights together in a plush hotel and her cousin Alicia’s wedding was the perfect excuse. She could do her family duty by showing up at the country club with everyone else, show her new man off to those who hadn’t met him yet and have a long weekend with him all to herself once they’d locked the bedroom door. Perfect. Or at least, it should have been. Instead here they were just lying side by side in the darkness, the constant arguing from the room next door having destroyed any plans they might have had for passion or even sleep.

‘Do you want me to go and have a word with them?’ Alex offered. She smiled and lay her head against his chest.

‘No, better not. We don’t want to cause any trouble. She could just imagine it, Alicia’s wedding forever remembered as the one where “our Jessie brought the guy who kicked off a fight in the hotel”. ‘Let’s not spoil Alicia’s big weekend’.

He grunted. ‘Yeah, but it was supposed to be ours too.’

Jessie snuggled closer. ‘We’ll have plenty more chances’ she said. She sincerely hoped that they would do and that when they did, they were better than this. It was still good to be in his arms but the constant yelling from the neighbouring room was driving her crazy. They’d been at it for hours. What could they still have to scream at each other about?

Peace broke out sometime around two with Jessie and Alex dropping off shortly afterwards. They must have slept through the alarm because the next thing she knew there was a light but insistent tapping on the door. Alex rose to answer it but she laid a hand on his shoulder.

‘I’ll go’ she said, grabbing the first thing she could to cover her nakedness. It was Alex’s shirt but it was large enough to stretch down as far as it needed to. She opened the door as little as she could and put her face to the crack.

‘Hi Mum’ she said, stifling a yawn.

‘Oh, you’re still in bed?’

‘Yes. It was late when we got to sleep.’

‘Well, you young people will party ‘till all hours.’ There was a twinkle in her mother’s eye as she spoke but Jessie couldn’t be bothered to contradict her. ‘I know it’s a daft question but have you got a spare toothbrush. Your dad forgot to pack his. You know how he gets.’

‘Sorry Mum, no.’ She knew exactly how her dad got. She knew how mum got too.

‘They’ll probably have one at reception.’

Her Mother smiled. ‘Thanks love. I knew you’d be able to help. We’ll see you downstairs in a bit for breakfast, OK Jess?’ She turned away. ‘And don’t forget’, the old lady called over her shoulder, ‘If you want anything me and your dad are just next door’.

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